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[24Hours Add] 1 Token for VVDI Key Tool Plus MQB Online Password Calculation

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5 SK305: 1 Token for MQB Online Password Calculation
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Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS MQB Token to Get IMMO Data Calculate Online for VAG Support MQB49 Remote, No need real shipping, just token for MQB Online Calculation
Xhorse MQB Online Immo Data Calculation Token for VVDI Key Tool Plus Supports MQB49 Remote


1. It is 1 Token for VVDI Key Tool Plus MQB Copy48 96bit Password Calculation
2. 1 Token for VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS to Get IMMO Data Online for VW Skoda Models.
3. No Need Real Shipping, It is Only Token for MQB Online Calculation
. Please Send Your Key Tool Plus SN (VK08******)

Why You Need MQB Token for VVDI Key Tool Plus?

For Some VAG car model, Key Tool Plus Cannot Read IMMO Data Directly. Need to Calculate It Online.
Previously, we can use VVDI2 & Helper Cable to do it. Now we also can use VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS to do it.
In previous, only accepte pay via wechat, now buy token online, provide us your Key Tool Plus SN, we can add online in hours.

How Many Tokens Will Take Each Time?

For Adding Key Job, it cost 1 token each time to calculate online.
For All Key Lost Job, it cost 10 tokens each time to calculate online, not support Hybrid and W12 type at present.

How to Check How Many Tokens You Have on Your Key Tool Plus Device?

You can enter "IMMO Programming" - "Europe" - "VW", select "Get IMMO data online"
VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS device will show that you can charge token online and check how many token you have.


Q1: When i need this token?
A1: the VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS cost 1 token each time when you need to calculate IMMO date online for VAG, such as MQB49 remote adding.

Q2: Can i exchange this token by VVDI points?
A2: No, the VVDI points can be exchanged to token for Benz calculate online and 48 copy calculate. But this MQB token is from third-party, not support exchange from points.

Q3: When can i get the Token ?
A3: The MQB token can be added to your Key Tool Plus within 24 hours in working days.

Q4: What is the calculation cost involved? I understand that 1500 bonus points are provided with the activation, with 100 pints used each calculation. But i'm interested to learn what the cost shall be after these points are used up?
A4: Collect points is one idea, buy a tokens is another idea
100 points = 1 calculation , 1500poits free on the begining
buy 1 token = 15$ = 1 calculation
You can buy tokens and collect points
it look like 100 points cost 8$ but is to different options. 

Package List:

1pc x 1 Token for VVDI Key Tool Plus MQB Calculation


Xhorse XC002 PRO

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